UnknownFor the majority of homeowners, their home represents their biggest single financial investment. A home is not just a shelter that appreciates over time. Our homes represent out personality and house our dreams. However, a dream home can rapidly turn into a nightmare if destructive, wood-eating termites invade the structure.

As the weather warms, termite swarms hunt for vulnerable homes in which to establish new colonies. A termite invasion can inflict costly structural damage that may or may not, be not covered by homeowner’s insurance.

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) advises that termites, known as “silent destroyers” feed 24/7 on cellulose found in paper and wood products, costing U.S. homeowners more than $5 billion annually. Regardless of the type of materials used in construction, all homes contain cellulose that promotes termite infestation. Termites will attack anything including furniture, cabinets, and molding.

In real estate, as in other purchases, the burden falls on the purchaser so remember the adage of “let the buyer beware. ”When purchasing a home, it is up to the buyer to exercise due diligence and have the home thoroughly inspected. Don’t buy someone else’s problems.

The NPMA strongly recommends homebuyers request a wood-destroying (WDO) inspection apart from their pre-purchase home inspection. Additionally, they recommend all homeowners obtain a WDO inspection every one to three years to ensure that termites have not taken up residence and are silently destroying your property.

WDO inspectors are specially trained to recognize the often “hard-to-recognize” signs that termites have infested a property, while the average home inspection only checks for structural soundness. A WDO inspection identifies the conditions in the home conducive to termite infestation as well as determining if there has been a prior treatment for termite invasion. When purchasing a home, most states require a current termite inspection before closing.

To keep your home termite free, pest control experts advise homeowners become aware of signs of termite infestation and to take steps early to prevent an expensive problem.

Signs Of Termite Infestation

• Swarms of winged insects buzzing about your home or on the ground
• Visible evidence of frass, or termite droppings in or around the home
• Mud tubes in attics, crawl spaces, or on wooden beams
• Discarded wings from swarming termites
• Blistering or signs of damage to wood within the home
• A pervasive strong smell (smells like rotting garbage)

Remove Termite Food Sources

• Avoid stacking firewood against the foundation
• Install screens on exterior vents
• Eliminate stumps or piles of old lumber on your property
• Avoid having stacks of magazines or newspapers collecting in your home

Eliminate Moisture Collection Sites

• Remove standing water on the roof
• Remove debris and keep drain sprouts and gutters clean and flowing
• Store lumber, firewood or paper products away from the foundation
• Divert standing water away from the foundation
• Make sure all vents are clear, clean and open
• Caulk entry points around utility lines and water pipes
• Repair leaking pipes or places where condensation collects
• Make sure all floor or basement drains are clean and flowing smoothly

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Londonderry, NH:

This Single-Family in Londonderry, NH recently sold for $329,900.

This is a Contemporary style home and features 10 total rooms, 3 full baths, 1 half bath, 3 bedrooms, 1.20 acres, and was sold by
Peter Beauchemin – RE/MAX Synergy – Bedford

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Manchester, NH:

This Condo in Manchester, NH recently sold for $93,500.

This is a Townhouse style home and features 4 total rooms, 1 full bath, 2 bedrooms, and was sold by
Peter Beauchemin – RE/MAX Synergy – Bedford

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Great Cape with Oversized garage featuring 1st floor with living room with laminate flooring, excellent eat-in kitchen with tile floor, fantastic family room with closet or 1st floor bedroom & full bathroom with tile floor, 2nd floor with wood floors, 3 more bedrooms and storage in eves, full unfinished basement with laundry hook-ups and utility sink, mostly updated windows, small side porch, paved driveway and huge garage with car lift (negotiable) and storage above all on quiet dead end section of South Elm just off Mitchell St in nice neighborhood. Could use some TLC and updating. Estate Sale; property to be sold AS IS.

This is a Bungalow/ Cape/ New Englander style home and features 6 total rooms, 1 full bath, 3 bedrooms, 0.08 Acres, and is currently available for $109,900.

For complete details click here.

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